HERE IS A PART OF MY MORNING RITUAL. Now, I eat Astragalus like it was candy. Why? In 2009 there was 3 doctors who received the Nobel Price for discovering an Enzyme which reverses the Aging process. The Enzyme is "Telomerase". As we grow older, and cells divide, the Telomeres at the end of the Chromosomes shortens so the Chromosomes start to fray and the cells can not replicate themselves. Therefore we get stuck with "old" cells - thus the Aging. The Enzume Telomerase lengthens the Telomeres at the end of the Chromosomes so the chromosomes can divide and replicate themselves. This stops - reverses the Aging process. Medical research show that Astragalus can do the same thing, when taken in large doses. I speak extensively of Reversing the Aging process in my Book on Spiritual Science and Higher Conscious Thinking, also on my many radio shows and conference calls. You will find it on my Facebook page and this web site.