WE KNOW ADOLF HITLER was obsessed with the Occult. He often replaced people on his staff who did not share his interest in it. He sent several expeditions to India and Tibet to look for artifacts and ancient information. He found many of the old writings and drawings describing the "Vimana" - - the flying machine the Rama Empire used some many thousands of years ago. We have seen the German papers explaining so. The drawings of the "Vimana", and the Mercury engine powering it, is very clearly explained in some of the German documents. Since the "Thule Engine" in the Haunebu III and IV used this Mercury system to set up and create the Plasma Bobble in which everything became weightless, there is a definite connection to what they found in Tibet. The two sculls depicted in this picture was also found in their travels in the far east. Maybe the Rama had some help in creating the "Vimana"?