HERE IS THE MICROSCOPE made by Royal Rife in the 1930's and 1940's. He made many scopes. Some magnified 31,000 times {31,000X}, some 62,000X and a few over 200,000X. This is more than any microscope at that time, or now. They are totally Optical. He used this microscope to find a Mortal Oscillatory Rate {MOR} for viruses and bacteria. Than, he created a piece of equipment putting out an Electro Magnetic Wave on the specific frequency which would kill the bacteria or virus. This is why the head of the American Medical Association at the time {AMA}, Mr. Fishbein, announced that we have found the CURE FOR ALL DISEASE. Mr. Fishbein wanted to be a business partner of Royal Rife, but when Rife turned him down, Mr. Fishbein went to the board of the AMA and told them the Cure was a fraud. The AMA came in and confiscated all books, journals and research notes and burned it. Than they went through Royal Rife's laboratory and smashed all equipment with sledge hammers. Mr. Fishbein and the AMA could not make any money from it, so they killed the CURE. BUT not all of his research was lost. It has been recreated, and The Royal Rife Frequency Generator is available today.