NOW, I WILL STRETCH THE MIND OF A FEW OF YOU. Some will accept it, and understand. Some will not. Those of you who have read my books, - - maybe will understand. These pictures are 8 years old. I have been "sitting on them", not knowing exactly what to do with them. I figured if I told the story behind them, people would not believe me anyway. But - - I am so controversial now, that I really do not care. I took these pictures while being on my computer, visiting a news paper web site back in Europe. This picture and the next one is dated 1 minute and 5 seconds apart, but the conditions in the pictures are totally different. One has had some heavy rain, and we see reflection in the wet asphalt in one of them. The trees in the foreground has more leaves in one of them. There is also different activity at the gas station in the background, between the 2 pictures. You will also find other differences between the 2 pictures. How can it be that 2 pictures taken 1 minute and 5 seconds apart are so different. The pictures has not been altered. I invite anyone to check the lineup if the pixels.
Some people understand that there are more than one time-line going in to the future, with us in it. We have more than one Universe. There are paralel Universes, where conditions are slightly different, with still many conditions being the same. These 2 pictures were taken hours apart, but nearly at the same time - - in 2 different time-lines. I took one picture from the camera feed of the news paper in Europe. Several hours later I did a mind experiment, and took the other picture. It came out different, but nearly at the same time. After the "download", I do not quite remember the principles beind me being able to keep one artifact {picture} from one time-line while merging into the other one. But apparently, it is possible.
The Mind is the most powerful thing in the Universe, because there is only one thing, and that is Mind. In the latter part of my book about Spiritual Science, I explain the principles behind Time Travel, and how to do it. Some scientists say Time Travel to the past is possible, because it has happened. But Time Travel to the future is not possible, because it has not happened yet. They are wrong. If you think of, and create something in your mind and place it in the future, you have given it a low form of life, and it has happened - - in the future - - so you can go to it.