BALBEC STONE again. When you see these large Megalithic cut stones, and know they were transported for miles, lifted 20 - 30 feet in the air and placed in to stone walls, it becomes obvious that what we have been fed and read in the history books - - is a pile of - - {Bull@#&*}. Our ancestors, and their masters 5,000 to 12,000 or more years ago were not the knuckle dragging, hunched over, cave dwelling and grunting savages we are led to believe.
I have a prediction. The ignorant and illiterate people 50 years from now will not be the ones who can not read and write. It will be the ones who will not un-learn all the lies and everything they have been taught by the "establishment", and re-learn the new uncensored truth about our world and the universe.