HERE IS THE "BUACHE MAP " of Antarctica. It is a recreation of an older map, dating back to an era where there were ice free waters across the South Pole region. The map was redrawn in 1737 and also displaying an outline of the underwater plateaucreating two land masses showing a sub-glasial coastline, which no one could know before Radar or Sonar. Antarctica is said to be discovered by James Cook in 1773. It is expected that the original map, which the Buache Map was copied from, was created before the "Flood". You know, the one which Noah had his problems with and every civilization on Earth has legends of. That puts it back to at least 11,500 years ago. Of course, there are not supposed to be any aerial maps back than, but there must have been, because the "experts" are baffled of the intricate and accurate detail in the map.