HERE IS THE 256 YEAR OLD MAN I have talked about in my writings and on my Radio Shows. He was a Chinese, and his age was confirmed by the Chinese government in several letters of correspondence. He started as an Herbalist at the age of about 10. In 1749, at the age of 71, he joined the Chinese Army as a Martial Art Instructor. He married 23 times and had more than 200 children. He practiced Qigong. He said Innward peace of Mind, Breathing Techniques, and diet allowed him to live as long as he did, but his State of Mind was the most important thing for long life. {remember, we live in a Mind-Created Universe} He almost entirely ate only Chinese herbs and berries. So what did he eat ?
These were some of the herbs and berries he ate. Lingzhi, Goji Berries, Wild Ginseng, He sho Wu, Gotu Cola, Astragalus and he drank Rice Wine. We would think he eventually died from old age, but that is not what I find. He died at home from an injury. I will write more about this man in my Blog later.