THIS PICTURE HAS BEEN AROUND since 1942. A British spy plane took this from about 1,000 feet of altitude over Norway. (Norway was occupied by Germany). They saw this huge "being" walking across the mountain side. Look at the size of the trees. The "being" is 4 times the size of the trees. There are stories from Norway, of people who have claimed to having seen these large Mountain Trolls. There are caves which they could fit in. I have no explanation. I am "blank". We know for a fact that in the distant past of Earth, there was Giants reaching 32 to 36 feet into the sky, because we have their bones. But, this - - 300 (100 meters) feet ? I know all pictures can be faked, and I have been a victim of that many times. I am probably more gullible than the average guy, but if nothing else, it is an interesting photo.