ON NOVEMBER 2, 1989, two truck drivers was driving a load back down to Moscow Russia. Some miles North of town, the engine started to misfire, and almost stopped. They saw this strange object sitting on a hill, and one of them went to investigate. He took a photo, but left the camera in the truck (did not want to lose the camera). When he got close he got dizzy, so he walked back and approached the disc from a different angle. When he walked close to it, a door opened, and he looked inside. He saw no one, so he walked inside. He still saw no one. He carefully walked around a curved corridor with rooms on one side, and a big room on the other side. He did not look in the small rooms, just looked around and left. This is a well publicized event in Russian UFO circles.
My take on it: It very well could have happened. That he walked up to it, into it, investigated and left, can also be believed. From having lived in that part of the world, and reading Russian newspapers every week for years, I have concluded that the Russians does not perceive danger as we do in the west (that is why many have bears for pets). They have an unshakable courage, rare in the west. Than again, country folks in Russia are good "story tellers", after consuming a bottle and a half of Vodka. If the picture enclosed here is the actual one, I do not know. It came with the Russian article. You decide - - - -