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SPACE IS FULL OF LIFE.  Some needs ships to get here, some do not.  I hear from time to time people saying: "If there are people on other planets, it is too far.  They can not come here from that far away."  Think of it this way: One hundred and fifty years ago, most people were travelling by horse and buggy and an occasional coal or steam driven train.  Since than we have created a Global communication system - - the Internet, the Smart Phone - - and have created airplanes that can travel 6 times the speed of sound {the "Blackbird"} to 15 times the speed of sound {the "Aurora"}.  We have been to the moon and sent probes to Mars.  Do you not think a civilisation who may have a Million years of uninterrupted technological development could find a way to travel this far in space?  Just a simple thing as harnessing Gravity as a propulsion system, they can travel at least 163 times the speed of light.  I wrote about this almost 5 years ago in my book on Spiritual Science and Higher Conscious Thinking - - before anyone knew what Gravity was.  Thinking this can not be done, bust be the biggest expression of ignorance  - - bordering stupidity - - anyone can express.  This video show just one way "they" can get here - - - - :  Please enjoy.



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I like this video and have seen this while this and make my visit memorizing for me.